Who is the real scammer here?

Who is the real scammer here?

Some people can not get enough of Thailand and some people can not get enough attention. I would say that this story below is a fiction made up by a person search the Google for stories. Thailand and Philippines had similar problems before but I never heard of anybody drugged. Some people also think they are card sharks and try to scam the scammers and loose their money. The person probably make up a story on how they got drugged and scammed.

I also read a nice comment in the Thai visa forum that went something like.

I went with a girl from a bar and I kept drinking and when we came home to my hotel she took all my money after sex. She was so cute I could not say now I do not know why I did it.

What do you think? Did you ever play cards in Thailand with a Philippine gang? Have you ever lost money going with a Thai girl from a bar?

On the morning of July 7 I left my hotel in Sukhumvit Road to walk into central Bangkok. A young woman of perhaps 30 and a Filipino man of about 50 approached me in a friendly manner. Finding I was English, the man said that his sister was coming to London to work as a hospital nurse.
As she was apprehensive about living in Britain, he asked if I would come to his home to reassure her. I said I would be happy to help as, by coincidence, my grandson was also a nurse in London.
He called a taxi and after 15 minutes we arrived at an attractive bungalow set in a garden. I accepted a soft drink and the sister came and sat beside me. I spoke to her about nursing in London and she listened politely.
Then the man asked me to come into another room, where he produced a pack of cards and said he would educate me in the secrets of card play.
By this time I seemed to be floating in a dreamlike place. I started giggling, which annoyed the man. He asked to see my wallet and roughly went through it. Other people came and went. We played cards but I had no idea what I was doing. He then took my camera and put it in a cupboard. I was incapable of saying or doing anything.
Finally, I was told to get into a taxi and taken to a modern shopping complex by the man and his “nurse” sister. I was told to hand my bank card to a shop assistant. I remember signing the till printouts and seeing the man and his sister head off with shopping bags. The taxi driver then took me back to my hotel.
It was not until I reached my room that my brain seemed to clear and the enormity of what I had done dawned on me. It was clear I had been drugged. I phoned my bank to cancel my debit card but three transactions totaling £2,550 had already been cleared and the money taken from my account.
The following morning the Filipino man rang my hotel room and made it clear that I should tell nobody. He said if I told the police then we would both go to a Thai jail (I had already informed the police and the British embassy). Fortunately, I did not hear from him again.
It was such a frightening experience that I want to warn other travellers to Bangkok. I will not be able to recover any of the £2,550 because I had voluntarily signed for the sums being taken from my account.

original story http://www.telegraph.co.uk/travel/columnists/5940895/Ask-Gill-obscure-online-agents-air-mile-expiry-and-dangers-in-Bangkok.html

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    August 15, 2009
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    August 15, 2009
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