What is w3.mict.go.th?

What is w3.mict.go.th?

Are you seeing MICT in strange places?

The last weeks I see the MICT w3.mict.go.th in my browser window when I leave places like Hotmail and other normal domains. So why on earth is MICT  (Ministry of information and communication technology) doing spying in normal websites? Is it not enough that the block tens of thousands website in Thailand, do they really need to go inside every website you visit on the internet?

For me it is kind of creepy and scare since the MICT is not a very secure place and only a government using a low-budget spying tool will show they actually monitoring you. They have been hacked before and if they store everyone information at their servers we are all at risk.

The other thing is the problem with the w3.mict.go.th it never works, it is constantly overloaded with traffic and always shows an error page. So when my browser that is infested with w3.mict.go.th visit a website it has to visit w3.mict.go.th first in some sick way and slows my internet down.

You can quite clearly see when the w3.mict.go.th is in your browser because the internet slows down and the w3.mict.go.th shows in the bottom add on window.

We have tried emailing or calling the MICT about this but they do not want to answer or as they say,

– ” We have no idea what we are talking about”

That is probably true, most of the people working in MICT have no idea what they are doing or even what a browser is. The last Thai Ministry to control the MICT did not even know how to use a Hotmail account.

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