Valentine Flowers Thailand

Valentine Flowers Thailand

It looks like Valentine is fading away in western countries like USA but in the new rich countries in Asia there is a hunger for every western tradition and valentine is no exception. I saw on Fox news that some schools in the USA stopped the Valentine celebrations totally and some put in sanctions on candy and presents.

The only sanctions on Thai valentine will be that short time hotels will be forbidden to cater for underage people. There will be loads of articles on how to not have sex on the first date and do not feel pressure to have sex for presents. The Ban Rak district will be flooded with people who want to get married on Valentine the 14 February and we will see the Bangkok flower market flooded with people trying to get the hands on cheap flowers.
So should you send your Thai girlfriend a flower for Valentine? Yes you should because she wants what everyone wants and everyone is getting flowers. Even if you do not see everyone is getting a flowers in your country it is more like Christmas here, everyone is getting flowers. All Thai hotels will be occupied and all restaurants full with people.

In the western countries most people buy flowers for some Valentine gift that we want to date but in Thailand everybody flowers to their girlfriend. So when YOUR Thai girl see all her friends get flowers she wants it as well.

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