Ultimate guide to the 9 Pattaya beaches Thailand

Ultimate guide to the 9 Pattaya beaches Thailand

This is your Ultimate guide to the Pattaya beaches you can find inside Pattaya. Where to take the best selfies and what of the Pattaya beaches have the best sand.

BJ Beach

Pattaya’s BJ Beach is an unknown beach for most people, even for local Thais and the most difficult to find among Pattaya beaches.

This Pattaya beach stretches from the Dusit Hotel all the way to Wongamat Beach in North Pattaya.

There are small restaurants here that are open depending on the season, and there are also hotels with service on the beach. BJ Beach is very quiet and there are no other services past these few items.

This secret Pattaya beach is great for sunset photos, collecting seashells, and just relaxing.

At the end of the beach near the Dusit Hotel, there is a gigantic tree with a swing that makes a great sunset photo.  If you have difficulties finding your way around the beaches in pattaya here is a Google Map to BJ Beach.

Cozy Beach

Cozy Beach is a hidden beach, as there are only stairs down to this beach in Pattaya.

There are many sunset restaurants overlooking the beach. Despite that, few people venture down to Cozy Beach is at the middle of Pratumnak Hill between the Royal Yacht Club and Royal Cliff hotel. Off all beaches in Pattaya Cosy beach have the most restaurant close by.

You can catch a private speed boat to Koh Larn, Jet Ski and many other water sports on Cozy beach.

There are also some beach restaurants and chairs for rent.

Among the many beaches in Pattaya, Cozy Beach is great for photos, beach play and swimming in the clean water. 

cosy beach
cosy beach

Pattaya Beach 

Pattaya Beach in central Pattaya Thailand is not the longest beach in Pattaya but for sure the widest. Pattaya Beach stretches from the Walking Street to the Dusit Hotel. 

Pattaya Beach is the most active beach, but it never gets crowded.

This beach is just next to Pattaya Beach Road, so there are many shops and restaurants close by.

On Pattaya Beach, all water sports are available as well as speed boats to all the island.

In the high season, speed boats occupy part of the beach to Koh Larn.

There are always many events like concerts and festivals on Pattaya Beach, and it’s also the place for the Pattaya Firework Festival. 

This beach is great for eating, relaxing, taking sunset photos, and long walks. 

Pattaya beach
Pattaya Beach

A video of explaining all the Pattaya beaches

9 Beaches in Pattaya Thailand

Jomtien Beach 

Jomtien Beach is the longest of the Pattaya beaches. This beach is so long it continues into the next sub district. Jomtien Beach connects with Dong Tan Beach, and the ends where Jomtien Beach Road stops. 

Jomtien Beach is a very popular destination for Thai people. They like to park their cars and sit and eat on the sand. On the weekends, Jomtien Beach Road is full of Thais.

There are many restaurants along Jomtien Beach Road, but no big shopping malls. It has more of a small beach resort feeling. 

Jomtien Beach is perfect for swimming, beach activities, eating and spending a day with your friends and family. 

Dong Tan Beach

They named Dong Tan Beach in Pattaya, Thailand after the many sugar palm trees on the beach. Dong Tan means, “the group of palm trees,” in Thai. This beach connects to Jomtien Beach from the Jomtien police station, and Yin Yom Beach after the sea rescue station. 

Dong Tan does not have that many water sport activities, but there are jet skis for rent near the sea rescue station. Dong Tan also has a windsurfing rental.  

Dong Tan is the only beach with bathroom facilities available. There are also a few restaurants and shops.

Many Pattaya locals like to spend their day on Dong Tan Beach swimming and sunbathing. It is also famous for sunset walking and photos and in the night people like to sit and eat here. Among all Pattaya beaches Dong Than have the best sunsets photos.

Yin Yom Beach

Yin Yom Beach in Pattaya, Thailand is also called Pratumnak Beach, or Soi 5 Beach. Yin Yom Beach is on the Pratumnak Soi 5 on Pratumnak Hill.

You can walk from Yin Yom through Dong Tan to the end of Jomtien Beach. 

Yin Yom Beach has gone through a few updates and now has a 7/11 and sauna right on the beach.

This beach does not have many trees like other Pattaya beaches , so it is more popular in the afternoon for sunset photos. Many families go swimming here in the afternoon, and when it is low tide, it’s a great crab spotting place. 

There is not much for water sports nor activities other than sunbathing or swimming.

Wongamat Beach

10 years ago Wongamat Beach in Pattaya, Thailand was one of the more quiet among the Pattaya beaches. After a lot of property development this is unfortunately no longer the case. ……..

This beach is still not as busy as Jomtien or Pattaya Beach, as mostly Russian tourists crowd this beach during the prime seasons. The Thai tourists normally stay under the trees on the left side of the beach.

Wongamat Beach is good for swimming, and there are many scenic rocks around to take great photos. 

There are the normal everyday water sports available as activities on Wongamat Beach, but not as many activities as Jomtien Beach. There are local beach restaurants if you want to eat something while enjoying your time on Wongamat Beach. 

Bali Hai Beach

Bali Hai Beach is next to the lighthouse at Bali Hai Pattaya, Thailand.

Bali Hai Beach is good for taking photos, having a rest, or stopping for a picnic. There are no restaurants or shops in this area, so you need to bring your own food. 

There is a small parking right next to the beach and a small amount of steps walking down to the beach. 

There is no real sand beach here, and people rarely swim at Bali Hai Beach. Lately it has been popular for taking photos of the green stones that shine in the sun. It is also a perfect place to take sunset photos. 

Paradise Beach 

Paradise Beach is at the very end of Pratumnak Soi 4 in Pattaya, Thailand. There is a big parking space next to Asia Hotel, and you need to walk down steps to access Paradise Beach.

On the left side, the Asia Hotel has a few stairs, and they also have lounge areas along the hill with stairs leading down to the water. Normally, this side is empty. On the right side, the Cabbage and Condoms restaurant has some chairs, and the beach is cleaner. 

Before, there was a restaurant and more activity on the beach, but it was all illegal and taken down, so the beach looks deserted but the water and sand are nice. Many Pattaya beaches have gone trough changes the last few years.

There are no water sports or other activities, and mostly locals come here to swim. The only restaurant is the Cabbage and Condoms next to the beach and many people come here to eat and look at the sunset. 

Hotel Locations at Pattaya Beaches

You will find hotels at most Pattaya beaches but some are closer than others.

North Pattaya

You will find Wongamat and BJ Beach in North Pattaya. If you want to have close to these beaches, you best look for a hotel in North Pattaya. 

Central Pattaya 

In the middle of Pattaya you will find Pattaya Beach, and at the end of Walking Street Bali Hai Beach. 

Pratumnak hill

On the slope of Pratumnak Hill you will find Paradise Beach, on Soi 4 and Yin Yom in Soi 5. Cozy Beach is on Cozy Soi; its official name is Kasetsin. 

Jomtien Area

You will find many small hotels and guest houses right on the beach of Jomtien; there are only a few hotels on Dong Tan Beach.

In order to keep our ocean life healthy, and keep our spaces beautiful, only leave footprints when you visit Pattaya beaches! Please follow the signs regarding smoking and drinking on the beaches in Pattaya.

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