Two pedophiles nabbed in Thailand and government getting harder with beggars

Two pedophiles nabbed in Thailand and government getting harder with beggars

It’s like a Christmas card, with the high season comes the pedophiles to Thailand. I guess they think they can blend in with the massive tourist crowd that comes every year to Thailand from November to February.

It is sad that people can not let the poor children be and it’s a shame that parents that let there children work as prostitutes does not get punished or at least warned and helped and if they fail to act punished or taken away custody of the child.

Thailand is getting hard with beggars next year; it will be crime to “create a beggar” or “living of a beggar” with that they mean people actually mutilate other people to force them to work as beggars. They then put them in the tourist areas and then they collect them in vans around the city around 18.00.

It’s the same group of people that doing child sex and beggars they do not care as long as they make money. They try to make as many children as they can or take care of as many children as possible to sell and abuse. When the children grow old they will do the same thing because that’s the only thing they know as normal.

Full story about two pedophiles nabbed in Thailand


A German and an American were arrested in Pattaya for sexually abusing children, police said Tuesday.

Unemployed Andreas Hubinger, from the southwestern German city of Mannheim, was arrested at a bar in Pattaya last Thursday accused of sexually abusing seven Thai boys, all under the age of 18, police said.

Four Thai bar staff were detained along with 53-year-old Hubinger and have been charged with procuring children for the German.

“The German man has denied the allegation, saying he just went to the bar but didn’t buy sex services, but the boys have confirmed the abuse,” said a Pattaya police officer.

In a separate case 62-year-old John Langan, living in Thailand on a retirement visa, was arrested last week and has been charged with sexually abusing three Thai girls aged under 18.

“If found guilty, they could face a maximum of 15 years in jail and fines of up to 20,000 baht or both,” the police said.

He said that Hubinger had entered Thailand frequently over the past five years using a tourist visa, with his latest entry on August 24.

“We were asked by the German police to arrest the pedophilia suspect last month, and it took two weeks for us to find the suspect,” said a Bangkok police officer in charge of the protection of women and children.

Police hope to take both cases to Thailand’s criminal court before the end of December.

Hubinger also risks being tried in Germany, since local laws allow German authorities to try pedophiles for acts committed elsewhere.

Hurray let him die in Jail!!! (Our comment)

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