The best Thai blogs

The best Thai blogs

There is a new top blog list for all blogs in Thailand. I am not really sure how accurate it is since we are not on the first place. Give us on Personal Thailand a hand and vote us to the top. Here is a link to the top Thai blogs i found when i was writing about the Santika Fire.

In the top position of the blog top is a blog called New Mandela that writes more political then we do here. They off course have a story about Harry Nicolaides and also other lese majeste cases in Thailand.

Thailand of smiles is the second place holder and I am they look to have more similar content to us but maybe more information about weather and currency rates in Thailand. On the first page I can see a story we ran as well about Garry Glitter.

2Bangkok on third places copy articles from different newspapers in Thailand and it has pretty interesting reading. The also write about Harry Nicolaides but go deeper then we do. Interesting that not even CNN dares to mention what he is actually convicted for.

Bangkok Pundit is a very political blog and we would never write this kind of things on our blog with the censure and blocking they are doing in Thailand right now. They are off course writing about lese majeste cases in Thailand that is the most thing most blogs write about.

The Thai blog on fourth place is having a very sad story about monitor lizards in Bangkok and how Thai children throwing stones at them. As animal lovers we get very sad to see this abuse.

Absolutely Bangkok is writing about fake bank notes and fake clothing in Thailand and the fact that Mr Bun has just gone away. People just copy him to much and he could keep up. We also have also had a article about counterfeit in Thailand

This is the first blog about Thai blogs we will check out more blogs next week and if the numbers does not end up it just means we are on the first place.

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