Thailand Internet Safety Issues

Thailand Internet Safety Issues

After our server got attacked by True ISP in Thailand several times and they refuse to answer any email in Thai or English it was made that there is low Thailand internet safety. In the picture below you can see one attacked by Asianet. That IP belongs to True ISP provider in Thailand.

The Thai Government have in different bulletins the last year claimed to make Thailand better and more secure on Internet.

Despite their efforts and one of the hardest cyber crime laws in the world, Thailand was recently made the top 10 list of countries that hosted phishing websites

This might be because that many computer are infected by “ghost” viruses and people abroad are actually using Thai computers as host for bad website. The big use of pirated software is probably one of the reasons since many of the software have virus and hacks inside that can take over computers.

In America they have this issue for sometimes because the speed of the internet and quality of internet made people never turn off their computers. The recent upgrade of Thai internet speed will probably increase the problem if the computers are not clean from virus.

Thailand will also get free WIFI all over Thailand creating even more safe harbours for ghost computers. Just keep your computer open so you won’t miss out on a Facebook messages is just stupid but very common.

The “free” online service in Vietnam and “provided” by the Thai government requires a registration and why do you want to register to get a free service? It is also in Vietnamese and almost impossible to use for anybody. If you keep an update Firefox browser it will tell you when you visit infected website.

The Thai government promised to set up yet another agency that will control bad internet behavior. If it really is a tool for monitor internet traffic or a real help to people is too early to say. The new agency called MOC and is yet to start it service.

With all these issues is it really a good idea for Thailand to launch it own cloud system. If they can not control viruses and ghost computers in Thailand and a PM with a hacked Twitter account is the cloud system safe?

So the questions is still will all these agencies and promises are they ever going to do anything else than more censorship? It is almost impossible to report a website if you not a Thai webmaster with friend in any of these agencies. If you ask a normal Thai person they will not know anything about reporting a bad website. I even asked some of my friends in True and they had no idea to call even inside True.

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