Thai Visa forum members share their wisdom

Thai Visa forum members share their wisdom

Some rather sad news two Russian girls found dead in sun chair on Jomtien Beach in the morning. A Thai security guard heard gun shoots and found them dead he also saw a Thai man fleeing the seen.

On Thai Visa all western wisdom has gathered and they want to give comments.

It did not take them long at to start the old song on post 7 freitag1 asks if they are just tourist basically he is asking if they are hookers.

freitag1 Maybe should spend a few moments for the victims before you puke out something like that.

Phil Conners a Titanium member quacks out that it was probably a pimp killing on post 10 where does he get it all from?

Qualtrough thinks is a mafia shooting in post 17. Sure it is all Russians are mafia I saw it on TV.

Thai-Spy tells us on post 29 that almost all girls coming from Russia with a 15 days visa are hookers.

On the first female post number 43 a girl comes to the Russians defense at last.

And it goes on that no Russian hookers should have one way ticket, you can not come to Thailand with just a one way ticket dough!

If you check Jomtien most hotels are actually booked by, yes you guessed that right Russians. Ambassador hotel a mega complex they have 90 % Russians guest and I do not think none of them are hookers at least not when they are in Thailand.

Then most hookers that actually works in Pattaya and around there are not Russians they are from Uzbekistan, Ukraine and other former east European countries. Even if most western call all of them Russians.

If there should be a mafia war between “Russian” and Thais do the guys in Thai visa really think that the Thai mafia would let east European girls dance on walking street, I think a war is the last anyone of them wants.

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  1. hickBoicscop

    October 13, 2008
  2. clubsiam

    June 28, 2008

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