Thai police and the use of scapegoats

Thai police and the use of scapegoats

The word scapegoat has been used in the press for a long time now in Thailand. Before it was just a rumor but now even the Thai police boss got sacked just because he was using scapegoats to make him look better. The rumor has it that many people are actually put in prison for something they did not do. They got money to go there or they have a dept to someone important so he sends the scapegoat to take his punishment. Sometimes the police find some fool and beat him until he confesses and then he is shown for the media as the scapegoat.

The latest case is the two shot Russian girls on the beach in Pattaya. The biggest Police boss in Thailand actually warns the Police Chief in Pattaya to not use this guy as a scapegoat or he will be fired. He wants to know the real reason why they girls got shot and not just a mock up story.

So why is the police trying find a scapegoat? Well the main reason especially in Pattaya where the Thai Mafia is so strong is that the Police have difficult to jail the persons that they been getting money from all this years. They might open there mouth and scream and the police will go down with them. There for it is easier to find a scapegoat to keep the media and the police in Bangkok happy.

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