Thai Culture crash in MK resturant

Thai Culture crash in MK resturant

I am not that fond of MK restaurants in the first place, the staff is not like the Thai adverts on TV they are lazy and slow.

Sure the food is good but I just want to eat and sorry I guess I am not that Thai that enjoy cooking in a restaurant but I am sure people with children enjoy it.
It can also be a good way to see what your future partners can do in the kitchen.

Anyway after we have eaten I wanted to pay with my VISA electron card and the girl went to get the manager. She could not speak English but apparently she said that this MK restaurant Lotus Rama 4 was the only place in Thailand that could not take VISA electron. Even the ice cream shop in Lotus takes VISA Election if you ask them nice.

I told my date that it was time to go and since I did not have any other money I would come back tomorrow. The staff just looked at me as I was crazy and suggested that I paid with cash and I said I do not have any.

When I was about to go they come running with the slip anyway, I guess they had it working after all but they just wanted cash.

Culture crash in Thailand they lie about small things for no reason what so ever and I will never learn why.

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