Sweden traveling with mother snatched condoms for love

Sweden traveling with mother snatched condoms for love

And another Sweden smart ass has decided to make Sweden known as the people of dumb people. While going down to Phuket with his MOTHER he could not resist the urge to go in to one of the girlie bars and “fall in love” in one of them. Lucky for him she was willing to follow him to the hotel the first night but in the hotel room he discovered that he had no condoms. He decides to run down to the local 7/11 and snatch some. The staff did not take that very well and they ran after him and beat him with some help of other willing Thais that had gathered around. The police finally came and he had to pay the 500 THB the he took and he spent the night in Jail. The Sweden dumb ass did not post bail and called a Swedish magazine that put his face on the front page. If he does not post bail he will need the condoms for later where he will meet chicks with d….


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