Suspected pedophile Howard Ernest Pritt was arrested in Thailand

Suspected pedophile Howard Ernest Pritt was arrested in Thailand

Another pedophile was arrested in Thailand. Mr. Howard Ernest Pritt was arrested in Nakhon Ratchasimathis about 160 km from Bangkok. He was caught because some one use the tipster system on an American website where tipsters can talk anonymous with police.

The tipster was given $1000 and it is now waiting for them in the American Embassy.
Mr. Howard Ernest Pritt on the other hand was arrested by Thai police since his passport had expired and deported back to the US where he will face charges for sexual misconducts with child under 14 years of age.

Many keep asking us why people hide in Thailand and the answer is that the Thai police will never actively search for anybody. If you not have done anything in Thailand or if someone ask them to. The Thai police do not go knock on doors and ask questions they just wait for a tip to come in.

If you travel trough the airports then you will be arrested if you are in the register but if you stay put and do not make much noise then you pretty safe in Thailand as a criminal.

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