So whats been going on in Bangkok lately?

So whats been going on in Bangkok lately?

So whats been going on in Bangkok lately?

Well the government sacked the police chief that could not be trusted, probably to close to making a coup with the military.

The government is scared of a coup so they only declared a state of emergency in the airports not in other places.

The red shirts that support the government and the former PM of Thailand said if the Yellow shirts (PAD) not move from the airports they will move them. In the mean time they went off and start shooting at the PAD TV station just show that they mean business. Like killing a 50 year old radio reporter in broad day light was not enough?

The military said it would have different exercises on the streets but that it was not a coup just them running around doing stuff.

The PAD said hell no we won’t go and left the police not much choice then go bust them out. Right now they are just stopping all the cars that trying to get to the airports since PAD said to all supports of PAD to come and help them

The police goal to open the airport on Saturday will most likely fail. The Swedish ambassador to Thailand said “this will take a while”.

On the internet PAD is looking big time, people thing that taking over the national airport was one step they should not have done. People even feel stupid now when they want to wear yellow shirts to support the King of Thailand

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