Sifu strikes back at Thai Visa

Sifu strikes back at Thai Visa

Sifu strikes back at Thai Visa

A Sifu from New Zeeland have according to Thai Visa been arrested for pretending to be a Swat team in Pattaya. The thread in the Thai Visa forum have been visited by a unusual number of nutcases telling all kind of stories about the Sifu whose real name is Robert McInnes.

A new release was made today about his arrest where he told the press he said that everything on the Thai Visa was false and he did not understand why people talk so much rubbish.

I am all for press freedom and all that comes with it but just let people flame for 14 pages about how much they hate the guy they never met or know anything about is not news.

Most people in the forum looks like they only sit home and wait for another foreigner get busted so they can jump around in other people’s misery.

I do not know what’s true about Robert McInnes or not or if he ever will be convicted for something. Most people with connections in Thailand will never be convicted of anything even how guilty they may look. It is all about a power play since his former boss no longer work in Pattaya some of the new guys wanted to show some force. Last month another guy with full police lights on his car got arrested as well for pretending to be a Thai police officer, he as well had protection from a Thai police boss.

Never do it

I would like to take this opportunity to tell all you guys that want to get involved with different Thai governments or what so, don’t!

Some silly friends of mine were on the yellow side some on the red side and when the fight is over you can bet that the day of reckoning will come.

If you are “under the protection” of some local mafia or police he or she will sooner or later loose power and people will come after you.

When I first visited Patong I met the guy who basically helped build the place and he was just leaving with 2000 USD on his pocket after 20 years in Phuket. He could not stay because the new powers saw the time for revenge had come and all his old friends have lost their powers.

Enjoy Thailand

If you cannot stand Thailand and your only pleasure in life is to make fun of people on Thai visa then maybe it is time for you to go home to face the real life.

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