Property Agent Scam in Pattaya

Property Agent Scam in Pattaya

After the article we had yesterday about the big scam lawyer “Joe” we got some emails about a property broker in Pattaya that also trying to fraud people. The name of this property agent in Pattaya will soon be known to the public but they are looking for victims.

We normal do not write about cases to be but this case we talked to the lawyers in questions and seen the files they submitted in to the court.

Apparently a very big property agent in Pattaya have been taking deposits and never given the money to the owner of the houses leaving the buyers stranded.

He (because it is a he and he is a foreigner) has selected customers that do not stay in Thailand and have asked them to send money to him. When he got the money he have simple kept the money and not given the owners of the property any money.

My guess is that he will soon run away from Thailand because he will be arrested otherwise. This property agent has a big office in the Pattaya area and always advertises in many newspapers.

If you feel that you have been scammed in a similar way please contact us and we will talk to the lawyer about this and ask him to contact you. The more people sue in the same time the better.

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  1. Mindstream

    March 18, 2010
  2. Pat

    March 18, 2010

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