The city is of Pattaya is for many foreigners the first and only thing they see of Thailand. Many men come here meet a Thai girl and marry her and move back to their countries before seeing any other part of Thailand.

Pattaya is located on the East cost of Thailand in Chonburi province and some the government agencies still resides in the main town of Chonburi even if the income mostly come from Pattaya.

Pattaya is best known for the big sex industry that started when the American sailors wanted to let loose during the Vietnam and Korean War. Still you can see the American fleet in Pattaya few times a year but the parties are more controlled now.

Golf is something that is popular in Pattaya and you will find many golf courts to pick from that hold international standard.

The beach in Pattaya is totally destroyed and you can get sick swimming in the sea. If you travel along the cost the water will be better the further you come from Pattaya city. Jomtien Beach on the other side of the hill in Pattaya has a longer and cleaner beach but still not very good.

You can compare Pattaya with any of the summer destinations in Spain and add loads of prostitutes and bars.

Most of the tourists that come to Pattaya is lonely men but a few years ago Arab tourists started to come more and more and the last year the Russians have totally taken over the scene.

The Russians use Pattaya as a holiday and summer vacation spot where the kids can go to cheap English summer school. Many Russians invest heavily in property in Pattaya something the British did before.

You can travel to Pattaya with Taxi for about 1000 THB or bus from Ekamai station at around 120 THB.

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