Pattaya Media Mafia Scared People to Silence?

Pattaya One News

The Pattaya One News took down a story featuring the American Pattaya Profile Drew Noyes. According to The Pattaya Police, Drew Noyes and his wife Wanrapa Boonsu arrested for Blackmail. According to Andrew Drummond the story is still on some websites around Thailand like The Nation but others have taken it off air. Noyes and his wife are both innocent until proven guilty in a court of law in Thailand and that could take years but Pattaya Times, Pattaya One news and Pattaya People are not shy to name and shame anybody arrested in Pattaya normally. They love to show ID and Passports of dead people and people just arrested for minor offence like shop lifting. So why did the media in Pattaya close down this story so quick? Probably because people in power called in favors with different news papers and they all want to be friends in Pattaya. If you check the last few days of news on the many news websites in Pattaya you would not find this story at many of them. sent out one of their usual “breaking news” newsletters and the story with Pattaya One News is still on their website and that is pretty brave of them considering they did have a law seminar with Drew just a few month ago. So are all the media moguls keeping black maps on each other and is there anybody in Pattaya who is clean enough to stand up to all this corruption of so-called journalism?

FYI Drew Noyes wrote to Personal Thailand forum a few weeks ago when they published his open letter to the PM, (Open Letter meaning free to copy and spread not his property). Drew demanded we link and to his website but we just deleted the open letter and the open letter to the PM was nothing more than a spoof to get more pr for his company.
Andrew Drummond asked people to share his story so we took the pictures from his website, full copyright to him.

This is the story that vanished

Pattaya One News
Pattaya One News

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