Pattaya is closing down early

Pattaya is closing down early

Thailand Party town number one on the east coast is taking small break from the late night opening. The police and the military police have gone around and told bars that if they closed later then 03.00 from now on, they will be closed down.

It has been a escalating trend that bars and discos just kept their doors open to after 03.00 since a while back and maybe the police thing it is time to start over.

Insomnia disco on Walking Street have installed a shutter so when ever the police conduct its many raid the disco have an automatic shutter to close the doors.

The move can also be a attempt to get people to go and hang in one place after the wee ours instead of hang around in different places. Many old places that were open later then allowed before have no customers but were after the raid took place full again.

It is basically a question who is paying the police the most money at the time. Lets see who comes out the winner because everybody knows Pattaya is the town that almost never close.

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