New Drug wave in Thailand

New Drug wave in Thailand

Thailand has done two major drug busts last night but I am not cheering and I will tell you why soon. Last night the customs department arrested a woman from Philippines on her way from Lima in Peru and also breaking Thai news now in the news is a 15 Kilos of heroin that was captured with a Nigerian.

I am not cheering because I think personally all these people are victims of some sort, do I think they should be set free ,no off course not but they are still victims. The police in Thailand should let them pass the customs department and meet the buyers and arrest all of them. That would stop the flow of drugs for a while since you cut the head off. Arresting the small drug mules does not mean anything because they just order another one for 1000 USD, that’s how much her life was worth.

Then it is constant tipoff, who is tipping the Police in Thailand all the time? Is it the DEA or other drug agency or is just another drug smuggler. I have nothing against the DEA or CIA or whatnot people operate in Thailand but the Thai police need to stop talking tips from other criminals. The only reason they do this to get favors for even biggest shipment because nothing is free in the criminal world.

Then we have the victim part of the drug mules and should they be punished as hard as the drug dealers and drug bosses? In some countries people are forced to smuggle drugs because the drug barons will kill their family if they don’t do it. Sometimes it is just pure greed but in most case it is the fast cash that glimmers and to have a life outside poverty and lack of education and we should not punish that.

During the drug war Thaksin and his gang killed off about 4200 people that was or was not involved selling drugs. A few innocent children were also killed and no trials or whatever was provided for them. With all this killing you would have hope you stopped the drugs for good but you just stopped the small rivers not the big flood. The big bosses are still there and sitting safe because of connecting with the Thai Police and government officials.

On Pattaya TV last week I saw how the Thai Police actually went up the ladder a few steps but when they came a few steps up they just stopped even if they probably could caught bigger drug dealers that night.  Thai criminals are not known for keeping their mouth shut and they are happy to tell everybody who the dealers are, the Thai Police should use that more.

We all see what drugs have done with Mexico and Thailand could slip back to the area before Thaksin when corruption almost let the drugs take over the country. Thailand needs to be careful to not let the big bosses loose to many times because soon they will sit next to them. In Uthai Thani a drug lord was elected major in the town mostly because of his wealth built up by drug money.

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