New cyber cop in Thailand

New cyber cop in Thailand

Bangkok Post had an article about the new “cyber cops” in Thailand. The two guys who have the right kick in your door and take your computer with no warrants.

They arrested some poor webmaster that had some guest spammed his forum with sexy pictures. I am sure he uploaded some sexy picture himself but he was arrested because there was 1000 of pictures every day. If you are a lonely webmaster then its not that you want to spend time on, deleting other people’s pictures.

The “cyber cops” insulating that Thailand is full with webmasters that sneak into internet café to run their forum from their to avoid trace.

I do not know really why they bother to stop this internet website when the Thai “sexy” magazines are full with the same pictures and there are xxx movies in Pan Tip.

How about stop all the prostitutes and naked Go Go bars before they run after some poor farrang posting on some website. If he post pictures of his Thai girlfriend from USA he will do nothing wrong but if he do it from Thailand he risk 5 years prison.

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