New Central Beach shopping in Pattaya

New Central Beach shopping in Pattaya

The new Central in Pattaya is really going to be a success I have big difficulties to see how the other malls going to handle this. The Avenue already has very few customers and they will get even fewer now. This will be the meeting spot for everyone from now one with loads of parking space and many restaurants.

To get there is very is easy but yesterday it was a chaos from the beach side it was a long line of cars just waiting to get parking space inside yesterday so one lane had to be a long queue for Central. We sneaked in from Second road and from there it was down in the basement with the motorbike. Can not say I was impressed with the first floor since it is not finished and it does not feel very personal but when you come up a few floors you can see that Central Pattaya has everything. I think all the banks in Thailand had a branch and True finally got a big branch in central Pattaya.

There is loads of different food options same as in Bangkok and the place reminds me more of Central Lad Prao then Central Chitlom or World Trade.

I am sure the girls of Pattaya soon going to drag the walking ATM here for some one on one shopping or just hang around to get one. With this many hi value shops you can be sure to get a high quality walking ATM.

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