Misery on Walking Street Pattaya

Misery on Walking Street Pattaya

Misery on Walking Street Pattaya

The last few months Pattaya walking street have turned from bad to worse. The Police and the Police volunteers shine with the absence later at night when the crocks come out.


I have nothing against Thai ladyboys but now on Walking Street there is just too many of them. They soon will outnumber the Thai girls on the Walking Street. Since they do not have enough customers they turn to pick pocketing and robbery.

Children Beggars

Late at night these kids come out to beg and they do it in a very nasty way while they try to grab your wallet or something. When five kids surround you and hold your legs you really need to look out for your valuables. If you push them away they try to kick you or slander you in the back.


As it is not enough when people come and ask you all the time for take a photo now they are starting to point their fingers in the your back and demand you take a photo. They starting to act like desperate Indian tailors now.

Stressed Animals

Later at night they bring out the animals, small monkeys, and big snakes. The poor animals look so scared when they get bombarded with all the sounds and people around them.

Roses DVD watches and drugs

If you did not have enough already the same group of people are trying to sell you anything from overpriced roses to sexy DVDs. They also try to scam you into buying some drugs and whisper in your ear.

–  “Weed, ganja coke ok?!”

Sex show love show and my mother show

If you want to walk on the Walking Street in Pattaya you can hardly ignore them they are everywhere trying to drag you in to a dark Go Go bar somewhere on the small side street. But the punters are kind of part of the attraction and nothing you can do about them.

Beach road a bad landmark

Since the economy went sour many girls have got a new place to hang out and that’s the beach road. It is also a hangout for male cliental with low on cash and need for a cheap girl. Muslims and Indian guys pick girls here because they do not go to normal bars and the girls on the beach road are cheap.

When more and more people will start to hang out here it will be a criminal spot and since the light is very bad and police never show up here it will not take long. This week a French man got stabbed several times while walking home along the Pattaya beach road at night.

Let see how long it takes before the Police make a crack down and show these people the exit of walking street. The do a clean up once a year or at least they did let’s hope they follow their pattern this year as well.

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    December 15, 2009
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