Harry Black is Back in Pattaya

Harry Black is Back in Pattaya

First off all I am not saying Harris Black is doing anything illegal or anything like wrong in Thailand. I just think it is funny that about 20 girls that I know got the same message on Facebook and Tagged. They all got different photos from him but the phone number and the message is about the same.

“Hi, do you want to go eat dinner with me”


“Hi, do you want to take a walk on the beach with dinner and movies afterwards.”

It started with one of my friends said she been invited to dinner by this Harry person and I reacted to the name and asked her to check how old he really was and if the photo was true or not. When she asked about the photo he answered “that was 27 years ago is that a problem”. I guess 27 years back or forward is not that much difference for him but for a 25-year-old girl it is.

Harris Black, aka Harry Black last encounter with the Thai law was when a girl from Hong Kong stayed on his couch and shared some photos with him. The story is from her side that he took photos when she slept and he says she enjoyed showing off.  I checked her story and the photos he has on his profile it really looks like she enjoys showing off but maybe some photos was not intended for the public. He was taken in by the Pattaya Police who did nothing about the case. There is some kind of “funny facts” about him on the Harris Black Watch Site website but like all these hate sites take them for what they are. Some information might be false like the claim he has no visa to Thailand, that cannot be true since he been in contact with the police in 2011.

This is what the “famous” Stickman had to said about him “you going to end up dead in Thailand” after he wrote a story about how to cheat girls in Thailand.

“The best targets for this tactic are massage girls because they work about 12 hours a day from morning to late night giving you plenty of time to butterfly far from their shops. The bar girls are far less predictable.”

I would not call what he is doing in Thailand a crime, he I just one of the many strange creeps we got here. Some girls told me that he like to pray on girls at Pattaya bus station and he enjoys to dupe and take photos of girls. If I was a girl I stay the hell away from Harris Black, aka Harry Black

Harris Black Watch   http://www.harrisblackwatch.com/ with interesting reading about his crime in the past.

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