Hardcore criminals in Thailand

Hardcore criminals in Thailand

The Thai police are saying they can not keep up with all the foreigners doing crime in Thailand I do not blame them. The foreigners do not sit all day looking at TV in the police station so how can they catch them?

The Thai police and the Thai public are not ready for the smart criminals in Thailand they are to far behind. If they catch someone it is because of chance and not by knowledge. They hardly take any fingers prints and never connect one robbery to another.

Thai people also need to stop walking around with millions in their pockets and think that nobody will steal them because they know someone. The foreign thieves do not care who the victim know because they will be out of the country.

The security is a joke with security guards sleeping at their posts because they are paid salaries as a cleaner and they rather steal from you then protect you.

The Thai police need to stop hunting people for not having a work permit and start hunting people that do serious crime and that can affect the countries tourist image as well.

Here is a list of the top criminal countries doing crime in Thailand

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