Can I write something for you?
Yes but we will keep the copyright and we will not pay you. We will link to you.

Can I we exchange links?
Yes if your site is about Thailand. Please link to “Travel Thailand”

Can I work for you?
No we are not hiring, sorry!

I think some of the things you write about if hurting Thailand.
Please contact us and we check it out.

Do you give out my contact info if I comment?
Never ever!

Can I buy your site?
This site is for sale for the right price!

Can we meet?
Sorry no time!

Where are you located?
The servers are located outside Thailand and we are living in around Asia. We do not obey under Thai law in any way or form. But that does not mean we break the laws either.

Are you male of female?
We do you have to talk about sex all the time?