English woman raped in Pattaya

English woman raped in Pattaya

The Thai news in Pattaya and Bangkok has failed to report that a English woman was raped and robbed in central Pattaya last week. The story come from a member on the Thai visa forum and was published in the Daily Mail in the UK. We have earlier told you that the news agencies in Pattaya have strict orders to not report to much violent crime from Pattaya. Thailand will never have a progress if the press is not free; people need to see the truth about the crime in Thailand.

The 25 year old woman from the UK was dragged away by two local gang bangers that police called “cockroaches” guys that just create problem in the holiday resort in Pattaya. The police were able to arrest them after two days since they knew who the local “cockroaches” are in this area in Pattaya. But this is the problem, in any other country the Police would do preventing methods’ to arrest this kind of persons before they hurt more people not after. This kind of people probably live on crime and to hustle people and could have been arrested long time before.

On the Thai Visa forum some people talking about moving back or to another country (as they do normally do) and some said Pattaya is safer than their home town and we should be happy to be in such town. The problem is that Pattaya is not a normal town it is a tourist’s town! The only income Pattaya have is the tourists / expats and nothing else and if they move away Pattaya would go back to a poor fishing village. The government and the Police should really be out in force to come down hard on crime in Pattaya.

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