Election for Thais who live abroad

Election for Thais who live abroad

Election is not limited only Thais who live in Thailand but Thai government needs Thais who live abroad to use their rights for election even they are not in Thailand same as other countries’ elections.

For Thais who live abroad, you can register for the right of election outside Thailand from 22 October until 22 November, 2007. Sorry for late update because I have just found out this information as well.

The registration process:

1. Register by yourself at the embassy or
2. Contact to ask for the form of the right of election from the embassy or download the form at www.consular.go.th. Fill in the form and send back to the embassy by mail, fax or transfer others to do it for you by making transferring authority letter.

In order to ask for the right of election, you have to have:
1. ID card or
2. Passport or
3. personal card with your picture and 13 ID card’s code which is issued by public company or private company

The election is to choose people to work for you in the parliament will start on 3 – 16 December 2007 for people who live outside Thailand. Contact the Thai embassy in the country you live at.

But for Thailand, the election day is 23rd December, 2007. It’s weird but true that Only 50% of Thais who have right on election knows when election day is. So you know how Thai people think about the election and the politic then.

I don’t feel anything with the election since I know all parties who offer themselves to work for the country, there is no such an interesting party in my mind right now. My mind is blank about them.

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