Do not translate English to Thai

Do not translate English to Thai

Thailand has arrested a few people on the grounds that they “did something that could hurt Thailand.” It is part of Thailand new Cyber Laws and gives the right to the Police to raid your house and take your things for pretty much as long as they wish. So what did this people do that could hurt Thailand that much that the police needed to take the mobile phone, camera, printer, computer, monitor and everything else you can store data on from their houses.

The crime they committed was to report about the health of His Royal Highness The King Of Thalandind before anybody else did and before it was official. They simple saw the news on a foreign website and translated the words into Thai and posted it on a Thai web board.
The stock exchange of Thailand says they manipulate the market by translating a few words of English. Even if they don’t know each other they manage to bring the market down 7 % just by posting it on a few web boards.

So should the people behind the foreign new media also be arrested then for starting the rumor or is it only when you translate the words into Thai it becomes a crime?

Everybody who writes something in Thailand should be very aware of the laws regarding the King Of Thailand and most of us that writes in English love the King Of Thailand but the laws must be clear and translating something from English to Thai should not be a crime or should it?

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