Clubs in Pattaya getting desperate

Clubs in Pattaya getting desperate

We got another letter from a reader in Pattaya. It went something like this in a nice version.

I was jogging home yesterday afternoon when a farang on a motorbike stopped me and ask me

-“Are you ok are you being followed?”

I do not know how he got that idea I mean I was in fitness clothing jogging in normal phase.

After a 10 meters he stopped me again and ask me

-“Are you not hot?”

I was like what is wrong with this guy? Can you no talk a run in Pattaya with out being harassed?

After a few meters more he stopped me again and said

-“I am promoting a party we have in our hotel tonight”

Off course I said no to this, what moron goes to a club where the manager or what ever he was drives around on motorbike and promotes the place? I did not stop to ask where and what name but if anybody else know let me know so I never go there by mistake. Are the clubs in Pattaya that desperate that they have to drive around with motorbikes to invite people?

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