Canadian Citizen Might die in Thailand or?

Canadian Citizen Might die in Thailand or?

Canadian Dying in Thailand. A Canadian in Thailand man have pleaded for help from the Social media in Thailand and people have responded to his help on Facebook and on YouTube. But not all convinced that the man is really in need of help and maybe faking it or not telling the full story.

On his YouTube video he claims that the Thai government and the Canadian Embassy in Bangkok is to blame for all his problems, a really grave and serious accusation if you want to stay in Thailand.

But until last week “Tim” never mention anything about it on Facebook page. He never asks for help before and he never shows one single paper or police document in the video. Certainly a Police report is not slander in any way even in Thailand. He also bought a new mic to his Apple Laptop. He do not sounds like someone that he would die and have no money?

People on the Bangkok Expat Forum on Facebook are getting really skeptically about the Thailand Tim since he really do not want any help he just want the video to be shown in public but he still claim he will die soon without money? On his YouTube video and Facebook you can see him playing with other well-known figures in Pattaya, he get must have some support from them? Apparently not and that is why he turned to the Internet? Or did just do that to get attention? We might be totally wrong and we have nothing to say about Tim sexual life but he really seeking sexual attention on the internet in a very public way. Thailand Tim have on different forums and underground classifieds advertised that he wants to be humiliated in public. He had used different alias like ”

A quick Google search on that name and you find some very disturbing videos at least in the eyes of Thai people. He is also breaking the Thailand cyber act uploading pornographic movies in Thailand and that could get him deported and even in jail. So is this just a hobby and the video on YouTube is real? Or is he in a twisted way seeking attention or is he in any other legal problem other than a German that wanted to buy his computer? It can also be that he just tired of Thailand and his Government and want to flame them online, he will not be the first and not the last.

In one forum he seeking a guy to film him Walking down Walking Street covered in things we do not even want to mention on this blog and on Craigslist he wanted to be used.

Canadian in Thailand
Canadian in Thailand

Canada man

No illegal methods were used to get access to this information, this blog and the author is located outside Thailand and protected by free speech. All comments are closed but you can comment in the Thailand forum.

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