Camping Equipment Pattaya

Camping Equipment Pattaya

To buy Camping equipment in Pattaya Thailand can be difficult task. The best way is to check the website what you want and how they look like. In the two shops in Pattaya that sells camping they do not have any tent for show.

One shop is in Central Pattaya Beach Thailand and the other one is near the Lotus Outlet mall south Pattaya Teppasit Road. I would prefer the later since they showcase about 10 tents and they actually know something about the camping equipment they are selling.

The outdoor website show case a lot if things but do not expect to find them in the shop they have only the basic tents and not in all colors. The promotion on the website and in the camping shops in Pattaya are not the same even if the price is same. If you want special promotions you need to order from the website direct.

If you want to garden or home version both Tesco and Big C south have many selection of very cheap tents that might work perfectly fine if you have the muster to put them up. I would not go for the cheap version to be honest if I am going camping in Thailand. But it might be fun in the garden or something like that, something for the kids to play around with.

The staff cannot answer any questions you have and you are better off looking at the website for information.

If you have any questions about buying camping or tents in Pattaya please ask in the forum.

Do not forget to check your local weather in Thailand

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