Cable Pirate wants to arrest cable cheaters in Thailand

Cable Pirate wants to arrest cable cheaters in Thailand

It is pretty amusing to see the number one cable network in the Chonburi region Thailand warning people from not steal or illegally connect to their cable network.

Why do I think it is amusing? Well they must be the worst pirate of DVD and VCD in Thailand. I always known that they show pirated DVD because there is no way they will be allowed to show this new movies but last night it was pretty obvious. The big white text on the movie showed “for screen purpose only” this is the DVD the press gets.

Then in the same time they show all this pirated movies and pirated decoded TV channels they have the stomach to actually threaten to take people to court for cheating them on the cable fee. I am sure they would get away with it in a Pattaya especially if the cable cheater is a farrang (white foreigner).

If the police want to arrest them here is the address to Pirate Cable in Thailand.

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