Andrew Drummond vs Drew Noyes

Andrew Drummond vs Drew Noyes

Some journalist in Thailand live their life Thailand behind strange alias or hide behind big news magazines. For some foreign journalists in Thailand adapting to the Thai way of writing is their way of surviving, never ask questions never investigate always stroke the people in power the right way.

Over the years in Thailand I seen many Thai journalists getting killed for writing things about people in power. Those who do not get killed can end up in court sued for millions of dollars in damage. The Thai court system is full with these cases clogging up the system for years. Since the press have very little protection in Thailand and not regarded as a “hi so” job people use the Police, courts and killers to silence them.

One journalist that do not walk the path of the silent journalist is Andrew Drummond with the blog He is now calling his supporters to rally behind him while he take on his nemesis Drew Noyes.
Andrew has written about Drew’s business and news paper the Pattaya Times for some time now and Drew have answered with “under the table” SMS and article in his newspaper.

It looks like Drew got fed up with Andrew and is going to court and the Police to shut the website down for good. Andrew is worried since Drew is well known in Pattaya and very “connected”. But Andrew got help before from the journalist outside Thailand as well as the British Embassy.

Andrew Drummond is a resisted journalist in Thailand and write on the blog

Drew Noyes is a business man living in Pattaya (sorry we do not want to offend anyone) with connections to the Pattaya Times magazine and the Pappa law office.

It not often you see these kind of fights in “public” and you should get ready for more investigations, slanders lawsuits and backstabbing before any court date. Whatever you do in Thailand try to stay away from the court system unless you have light years of time and can grow money like rice.

Did you bring the Popcorn?

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Andrew Drummond

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