All hotels booked and no flights to Phuket

All hotels booked and no flights to Phuket

Dear Personal Thailand I like to share my experience with the wonderful country.

When I was almost landed in Thailand we got some nice cards to fill in it was like Bingo. I had to fill what I worked with and how I made a month, maybe I would win something?
After I walked for 30 min (10 min extra for looking for a toilet) I finally came to the immigration where I spent 1 hour talking with people while waiting for my turn. But it was good to stand up after the long flight.

Once in the immigration they took my Photo like I was a super star and they made a yellow nice line in my passport nobody has done that before but I saw everybody was wearing yellow so maybe it was something to do with “Welcome to Thailand”

When I came out from immigration there was my bag right infront of me and I walked trough green in customs that was no problem.

After the immigration some nice gentleman in suits and proper ID showed me to the travel agency just in front of the gate and they said that the cheap nice hotel I have picked from Lonely planet in Phuket was fully booked but they could fix me a much better hotel. They also said there were no more planes to Phuket today even if it was only 09.00 in the morning. They suggested I headed down to Pattaya and it will cost me only 3000 THB in a private car.

I am not stating in a nice hotel right on the beach in Pattaya and every time I go outside there are girls and some times boys asking where I am going and if I want company. Even the tuk tuk drivers are nice they want to take me for free tours around Pattaya I write about that next time.

Steve – Oregon.


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