A Foreigners hate letter to Thai bar girls

A Foreigners hate letter to Thai bar girls

Sometimes we find funny “articles” that foreigners that stayed way to long in Thailand are writing. You can really feel how bitter and hateful this person is against the Thai people this guy is. He has been with to many girls and boys and he should just take the first plane home before he goes mad, or maybe to late. But sure a small percentage of the bar girls you find are on drugs and sure some lady boys are aggressive from hormone problem but this much. But the rest is a lie.

Here is the letter

If you don’t like what these women do you just get up and leave -pay them nothing. Some will try to follow you, but eventually back off. It’s a wise move (if you are there for a while) to find out where the local authorities hang out and buy them whiskey. Taking women off the street is foolish, but taking them from a bar is OK. The girls in the sex district bars wear numbers that are registrations with the proper authorities (so I’m told). Approximately 1000-1,500 for a night is adequate. Always negotiate the terms in advance, making sure they are understood. Ideally, everything goes well and everyone walks away happy.If you really like them (and want to, or can) they can always use more money. Most are from rural Isaan. You’re helping them and their families. But they need to be fair with you too.

If you had told the guy at the hotel what was going on he would have likely taken your side. You paid for the room and the person causing the problems was just a two-bit Thai vagina. Sounds kind of jaded, but that’s what they are. There should be no emotion. Kindness and compassion are wonderful, if they reciprocate. Most don’t care at all about you. It’s just a business transaction, Everywhere you go it’s the same: If you let people do it, they will rake you for everything they can – kind of like many Western men do to the women in Thailand.

One more note: Ladyboys (katoey) are almost invariably vipers waiting to bite you. You’re better off sleeping with a cobra than meeting one of these vile creatures. The word for transvestite in Thai is katoey. The word for thief is kamoy. The two words are really synonymous. There are (as with most things) exceptions. In this case, there are damn few! They commonly use yaba (amphetamine) and are typically violent – extremely sociopathic. This is particularly true of post-operation katoey. The operations often drive them kind of insane. Very dangerous creatures!

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