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The most Stupid Nigerian scam 419 letter ever

When i had my Internet shop in Thailand i got all this Nigerians coming into my shop writing the Nigerian Scam letter. Sometimes all the computer where busy of just Nigerians or Africans as they call them self because most of them though that Africa was a part of Nigeria. Some they used our overseas call service and actually called their victim from the shop. The people that wrote the letters never call they just give his contact to another higher up in the scam hierarchy and he will make the contact and direct to his contact in that country. One day i spoke with one of the guys, Joe a Nigerian national that more or less lived in my Internet shop. We start talking and I mention my free website for free fax. He checked it out and start using it but after 1 days of using it he got really angry at me. Telling me he wasted money in my shop and my free fax not work. I said the free fax work but maybe it was a problem what he was writing.
In short he wrote something like this

Dear Sir!
My name is Brother Joe

I have for the last year now sold of my 100 kg of Heroin in Thailand and i want to move the money to Hong Kong. I found your company through a business associate. If you like to help me move the money from Thailand to Hong Kong please contact me at email princejoe@yahoo.com

I did not know where to run so i could laugh my head off. This guy actually believed that anyone would answer him and wanted to accept and move drug money from Thailand. I kindly told him that his story was crazy and that my free fax service worked but his story did not.He left angry and I did not see him for about 2 month but then he come back in a new suit and a fat role of dollar bills. I guess he change his story and finally got some on the hook.
If you get a letter from Joe or any other person clamming to have loads of money to give you or maybe want to congratulate you to a 10 million dollar lotto Price. You should forward your letter to this guy Mr Mike the owner of 419eater.com. He spends 7 hours a day writing back to this criminals and he even have photos of them on his website. He thinks the more time they spend with him the better, they have less time to write to you and me.

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