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Swede set up by Thai police arrested for 1 cigarette of ganja

A Sweden man Patrik Löfgren 25 years of age got arrested in on off those silly mock up arrests again.
Sure I do not believe he all that innocent and I am sure he smoked marijuana before in his life but putting him in prison and asking for a 45 000 THB bail is just silly.

The Thai police are always trying to find ways to get extra money. Last weekend i was down in Pattaya and 12.00 I had two guys asking me in the middle of the street to buy some weed. If I would have bought from them i will be sure arrested 1 hour after by the set up police.

Any Thai person coming the same crime would not even see the cells he would be let off with a much small bail and maybe even a bribe for 2000 THB.

One person I know got arrested with about 100 grams of marijuana on the buss from Samet Island he was Thai and he paid 5000 THB in the pocket to the police.

To be put to Thai prison in a set up by some Thai girl is just silly. From what Patrick told the Swedish Aftonbladet.se he was not even holding the 1 cigarette and there were many people in the room. Where is the evidence?

Just one word of advice to Patrik and all others trying to leave the country before trial you don’t go from the airport in Bangkok you go down to Phuket or something with bus and take a boat or something to Malaysia or Singapore.

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