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Red shirts left Pattaya

The red shirts have left Pattaya and so have the USA navy with 4000 hungry sailors, way to go Thai government. Songkran is not going to be fun in Pattaya now with the bad press it will get in media.

So why don’t I blame the red shirts? Because you should not declare a state of emergency just because some red shirts wants to protest.

The military and the police should have stopped them before they came to Pattaya, they should have searched their vans for weapons (witch they had). If some of the protesters fight arrest them to. The police can not just stand their and do nothing just because they are scared to be transferred if they do something.

We can not just try to avoid violence when people breaking the law. You do not have to start shooting people but use real riot police with water canon and legal tear gas to scare them away.

If the red shirts and yellow shirts can do this to the country what happen if we get a green pink and black shirt. We already have some blue shirts but not so many.

The only thing I blame the red shirts for is that they made Thailand look very stupid.

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