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Names of People killed in Bangkok

These people hopefully have not died in vain, what ever they believed in. Some had a cause and some had a duty to serve the country. They are all victims in my eyes. When you burn your stick = mai taos or visit the temple give them each a moment and tell their names in silence give them all a blessing.

1 Mr Ampon Katiyarat, 43

2 Mr Yuttana Thongcharoenponporn, 23

3 Mr Paison Tipkom, 37

4 Mr Sawat Wangam, 43

5 Mr Hirouki Muramoto

6 Mr Tawattanachai Kladsuk, 36

7 Mr Thotsachai Mekngamfa, 44

8 Mr Charoon Charnmaen, 46

9 Mr Wasant Puthong, 39

10 Mr Tawil Pomsantia, 43

11 Mr Kanueng Chatteh

12 Private Patapon Puriwatprapan

13 Private Anupong Muangrampan

14 Private Singha (last name unknown)

15 Sgt Chamnien (last name unknown)

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4 Responses to “Names of People killed in Bangkok”

  1. Thats why i said why they use guns in twitter they should not have done that

    April 11, 2010 at 11:03
  2. It’s so sad that these people died. The situation could have been peaceful but everything went out of control after that first shot.

    April 11, 2010 at 11:02


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