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I would not fly with One-Two-Go in Thailand

The same air line had another incident just one week after it was a plane it was the flight from Bangkok to Hat Yai yesterday had a minor crash landing, but the pilot managed to control the aircraft. Some passages got minor scratches
If I was an air traveler right now I would NOT fly with One-Two-Go until they shape up. My life is not worth to be risked for a few extra saved THB.

The Government is looking after the Safety at Phuket Airport and maybe is planning is to build a bigger hospital closer to the airport since the only one close to the airport can not take care of this kind of injuries.

They will also get better fire fighting equipment and upgrade its safety lets see if its just words as usual or if something really gets done. As you saw on the video on this blog from the crash the plane was burning 1 after the crash.


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