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Happy Ending Thai Massage in Sweden

Happy Ending Thai Massage in Sweden by ex bar girls from Thailand.

A Swedish newspaper Expressen.se  made an article about Thai massage in Sweden. Apparently the Thai girls do happy endings as well at the Thai massages places in Sweden.

The newspaper recorded the happy ending on video but did not go all the way to so speak. But when the reporter then called the massage place they denied ever offering happy endings.

The reporter also called a number of other massage places in Sweden mostly in Gothenburg and they all denied offering Thai massage with happy ending by phone but offered it in the privacy room.

Ex Bar girls from Pattaya

Sadly most Thai girls living in Sweden are ex bar girls from Pattaya and Bangkok and most of them divorce or leave their husband when they got a Swedish Passport. They take up the old trade as hookers in Sweden either as escorts or in massage places.

A Thai massage with happy ending cost about 2500 THB in Sweden but I think for now the offer is on hold because of the article.

No crime in Sweden

A person that offers sexual favors in Sweden does not commit a crime as they do in Thailand but the buyer do. But the chance to get caught during a Thai massage is very slim since Swedish Police cannot provoke a crime and cannot work undercover.

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