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German now killed by himself in Pattaya

The murder of a German man has not been down graded to a suicide as normal in Thailand. The police said that the man drove himself out in the jungle and then open a hand grenade and blow himself up because of he was upset from a business deal.

I am sure if someone took the time you could write a book about all the strange suicides and accidents in Thailand. Like the man who ran him self over with a car two times or the two girls on the islands outside Pattaya. Apparently she killed her friend because she was a lesbian and then used the body of the other girl to drown herself for no apparent reason.

Then we have all the telephone wire suicides in the Pattaya I think it is a handful now with foreigners found dead with a telephone wire around the neck and a plastic bag over their heads.

It is so much easier to write a murder of as a suicide because

1. They can close the case and go back look at TV.
2. They do not have arrest some influential figure.
3. No bad press for Thailand
4. They solve another case and get promoted.

If you are on someone death list make sure you tell you embassy or lawyer that you would never take your own life and that they should investigate it.

German killed by C4

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