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Foreigner killed by C4 outside Pattaya Thailand

A German national have been found dead outside Pattaya. He was found in a plantation and his body parts were spread in a 50 meter radius. Someone have put C4 explosive on his body and blown it up by remote control.

His wife said he has been under threats from foreign nationals in the real estate business for a long time and he was always watching out.

His wife said UWE KEIENBURT had sued some foreign nations in court and they have responded with death threats.

The Pattaya police are not looking into what foreign nations could have done this.

From my point of view the property business in Thailand and in Pattaya in general has been shady for a long time and they need a big clean up. It is so much money involved that doing a property scam in Thailand can pay off big time.

When people are blown up by C4 to scare of other people then it is really time for the Thai police to but the pedal to the metal and do something about it.

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One Response to “Foreigner killed by C4 outside Pattaya Thailand”

  1. Reel Advice #

    This is a scary story. But the question in my mind right now is if the police are also in on it?

    Makes you think huh?

    August 23, 2009 at 04:36