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DSI Thailand is not only targeting English speaking farrang

DSI Thailand is not only targeting English speaking farrang.

The name foreigner in Thailand do not just apply to the members of certain forum in Thailand. The name foreigner in translation can be any kind of person living in Thailand without a Thai passport.

When DSI is telling journalist that they will crack down on foreign-owned businesses in Thailand some western people go berserk and rampage about Thailand in certain forums.

The problem is that the Thai government and the DSI are not attacking English-speaking business owners they are talking about all nationalities.

For example:

You have the Arab business owner that with a proxy Thai owner are doing farming only for export to the Arab countries.

You have the Chinese business owner that lived here for decades and own many properties in Bangkok but never paid tax.

You have the Japanese and Korean tour agencies that never hire a Thai person and never paid any tax in Thailand.

You have the Russian companies that are popping up like mushrooms and the Thai government have no control over.

But yes you also have the western owner that encroached on Patong beach in Phuket and some western business owners that controls big media Empire in Pattaya.

So when a western English speaking person see the big headlines in a newspaper or a forum you do not have to run to look for a lawyer in the same forum.  The Thai government is probably not targeting you they are targeting all business in Thailand that is owned by foreigners and your company is probably too small. Unless you have done something wrong you have nothing to worry about, just continue doing business in Thailand as usual.

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