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Do Thai girls really like older men?

Do Thai girls really like older men?

You all heard the story about the Thai girls that like older men. But is there any truth in it? Well Thai girls like people that can take care them and be a good husband for them. That not necessarily means the love the person but the man will never know this its part of the deal.
They are looking for people that do not flirt around and stay home with them and has money to take of them. They do not want young men because they flirt around and change girls all the time.

Most of the Thai women that want older men have been in the game for a while and maybe had their heart broken by a young lover and now she want to settle down with someone more stable. Also age different does not mean that much in Thailand as is mean in other western countries its very normal even with Thai to Thai marriages

Only last day I met a girl that have flirting with me inside the nightclub and she took up a conversation with me outside. She offer me a ride home and keep asking me about my age making sure I was not younger then her she only wanted older men. That was the first thing she told me and she is not the only one that asked me like that.

But have no illusion that you can come here old, ugly and dirty poor and think you will be attractive for the Thai girls. There is plenty of Thai men that fit that description as well.


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