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How Western girls pay for sex in Thailand Part 2

This is the second part about Girls paying for sex in Thailand


Aug 16 2004

By Hannah Duguid

The teenage woman takes a long look at the menu. She makes her choice and the waiter disappears to fetch her order. He returns with a fit, beautiful, young man.

Ruth Evans is 19 and from Manchester. She is in a male brothel in Thai capital Bangkok – and has just ordered a prostitute for the evening.

She will buy him drinks, they will chat and dance. Later, if she wants, she can pay him ฃ22 (1,600 baht in the local currency) to go back to her hotel and have sex with her.

“It’s a real power trip,” says Ruth. “A lot of girls come out here looking for sex with a Thai man. This is safer than going round the bars and picking one up.”

There are some 20 British girls – mostly students – in the brothel tonight, toying with the idea of paying a man for sex.

“It’s something different. All the blokes pay for it so why can’t we?” says Carly Purdy, 23, from Hemel Hempstead, Herts.

The sex workers are tested for HIV every four or five weeks. If they do not turn up for work then it means they have had a positive result. Each bar has one or two cases each month.

In other brothels, men wear hot pants with a number badge. Here they wear suits, which make the place feel less sleazy. The guys move around the bar flirting with the girls and checking they have everything they want. Every hour there is a floor show where they take their shirts off and get up on stage to dance.

They all have perfect, lean bodies.

Charlie Barndon, 23, from Newcastle, says: “It’s guaranteed good sex with no strings.”

Ruth buys her bloke a drink and asks him to kiss her. A two-minute snog costs her 70p (50 baht).

Louise Fordham, a 31-year-old from Southend, and Gillian Kitrick, 50, from London, are seasoned sex tourists. They both teach English in Bangkok and regularly haunt the boy bars.

Gillian says: “I’d been in Bangkok for a week or so when a waiter approached me and asked me if I wanted to take him home. He was 22 years old and absolutely beautiful.

“He came with me and I paid for him for four days. It’s a nice safe business transaction. I know plenty of women here who get bored and horny – so they buy a boy for the night.”

When women find a prostitute they like, they tend to keep him on for a while.

Gillian is with Tong. He’s a 31-year-old from a remote Thai village who she met in Throb – a bar in Boyz Town, Pattaya. The area is a resort two hours south of Bangkok, notorious for its sex bars.

Every night Tong strips to a gold G-string and performs a synchronized swimming show in a huge fish tank in the bar. Like all the males on offer, his body is in perfect shape.

He is for sale to men and women. Most clients are gay men and 80 per cent of the working boys are straight. They get very excited when a woman comes in looking for trade.

Gillian explains: “If you like a boy then you make eye contact with him. They won’t approach you first. If you want to leave the bar with them you have to pay the bar a fine to make up for their absence.”

The bar fine in Throb is ฃ4 and sex with a guy like Tong will set you back ฃ7 – 500 baht – for a quick one or ฃ14 for the night. Gillian has been with Tong for a year. They meet every weekend and when they go out she pays for everything.

She says: “I don’t mind giving him money. I earn ten times his salary. Although it’s not just about money for him. Being seen with a Western woman is good for his status.

“I like being with him because he’s so affectionate. He’s young and fun. He makes me feel attractive and sexy.

“He has a beautiful body. When we’re in bed he’s hungry for me. We’ve had sex five times in one morning before. It makes me feel good.

“He doesn’t speak much English but I don’t need him for intellectual conversation. I have friends who I can have meaningful conversations with.”

All the boys are looking for a regular arrangement with a foreign woman. Pip Johnson, 35, and her husband Jimmy, 43, are also in Throb. She is an attractive blonde and has her arm around a good-looking young Thai man. A stunning Thai girl is draped over Jimmy.

Pip and Jimmy cruise they have been to

At Christmas, they will be coming back for two months. They leave their two teenage sons, from Jimmy’s first marriage, at home with their grandparents.

At home they have and Pip says: “For 10 years I paid for sex with girls out here. But last year I wanted a change so I tried buying a boy. When I told the bar what I wanted, I was mobbed. I took one boy and kept him for two weeks. This holiday I’ve had the same boy, Nik.

“He’s 27 and I’ll keep him for the holiday. I pay him at the end. I’ll give him a huge tip. It’s 1,000 baht a night but I’ll give him 2,000. When I paid the last boy he was so grateful he cried.

“The men here are more pliable than English men. They’re athletic and will do anything.

“Nik makes sure that I have three orgasms before he comes.

“He’ll always do whatever I want. I’m totally in control. There’s no complaining or whining.

“Nik has a perfect body and he treats me like a queen.

“In Thailand, prostitutes know how to make you feel like you’re worth something. They’re so attentive. I’ll go out for dinner with Nik and he’s always got an eye on me making sure that I’m okay. It’s more than sex. It’s about getting to know him as a person – although I don’t have a strong emotional attachment to him. I could leave him tomorrow.”

Jimmy and Pip rent a two-bedroom apartment. One for Jimmy and his prostitute and one for Pip and her boy. They used to have sex with their different partners together in the same bedroom but the local girls were uncomfortable having intercourse in front of a Thai man. In the flat, Nik is shy with Jimmy and only speaks when he is spoken to.

Jimmy says: “When I first saw Pip with another man, I had a problem with it. I didn’t mind seeing her with girls but with a man I felt threatened and jealous.

“I had to get over it though – otherwise I’d have looked like a right hypocrite.”

Pip claims: “Doing this has made our relationship stronger.

“Jimmy and I have been married for five years but I was his mistress for six years before he left his first wife.

“He’s always been a womanizer and this way I know what’s going on.

“There are no secrets and we have plenty to laugh about and spice up our sex life when we get home. No one at home knows.

“A few years ago people found out that we’d picked up girls in Thailand and there was a real scandal. Jimmy’s mates were okay with it but I lost a few girlfriends.

“We know other couples who come out here and pay for sex. One pair came out with their 26-year-old son.

“Most couples get a girl between them. The husbands can’t handle it if their wife wants to buy a man.”

Kevin Quill is the British owner of Throb. He says: “I see more and more women coming in looking for sex.

“Two or three a month take a boy home. It’s mainly older women who pay for it but younger women are into it too.

“It’s not out of desperation – some of them are really attractive. They just want to experience something different.

“These boys know exactly what a woman wants and the women get a kick out of paying for it.”

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  1. jack ronstin #

    shit gf i wannna sex with her

    March 5, 2010 at 13:10
  2. joginder singh #

    How Western girls pay for sex in Thailand Part 2

    January 8, 2010 at 12:00
  3. chang choy #

    if the western girl would like have sex please email me:

    I wait to hear and have sex with

    December 16, 2009 at 07:27
  4. Rainer Hansen #

    a story in brief: Farang boy spends his holiday in Thailand with his farang girlfriend. She finds Thai boys attractive and pays one for sex. The humiliated boyfriend does not dare to fight the young dominating and aggressive thai boy. He finally accepts his girlfriend’s lover…and retreats. Thai boy joins the farang couple during their holidays for good pay and enjoys sex with a white girl.

    kind reminder:Not ONLY thais are victims!

    February 6, 2008 at 19:33
  5. Lonestranger #

    I am surprised. Are western women and men (white) are so disgusting and unhealthy? Thai people are humans too…

    Even animals are better! I am disgusted…simply disgusted. I dont have anything more to say….just it is disgusting

    November 8, 2006 at 13:19


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