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Canadian Citizen Might die in Thailand or?

Canadian Dying in Thailand A Canadian man have pleaded for help from the Social media in Thailand and people have responded to his help on Facebook and on YouTube. But not all convinced that the man is really in need of help and maybe faking it or not telling the full story. On his YouTube […]

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Thai Spring Movement Against Corrupt Police

Thai Spring Movement Against Corrupt Police Will Social Media finally bring the alarming number of corrupt police officers in Thailand to a halt? A number of videos, pictures and audio tapes have surfaced recently that makes you wonder how much bad press the Royal Thai Police can take? The Ang Pao in Thailand – Tea […]

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Thailand Internet Safety Issues

After our server got attacked by True ISP in Thailand several times and they refuse to answer any email in Thai or English clear up how unsafe the Internet really is in Thailand. In the picture below you can see one attacked by Asianet. That IP belongs to True ISP provider in Thailand. The Thai […]

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Pattaya One News

Pattaya Media Mafia Scared People to Silence?

The Pattaya One News took down a story featuring the American Pattaya Profile Drew Noyes. According to The Pattaya Police, Drew Noyes and his wife Wanrapa Boonsu arrested for Blackmail. According to Andrew Drummond the story is still on some websites around Thailand like The Nation but others have taken it off air. Noyes and […]

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Drew Noyes

Andrew Drummond vs Drew Noyes

Some journalist in Thailand live their life Thailand behind strange alias or hide behind big news magazines. For some foreign journalists in Thailand adapting to the Thai way of writing is their way of surviving, never ask questions never investigate always stroke the people in power the right way. Over the years in Thailand I […]

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Valentine Flowers Thailand

It looks like Valentine is fading away in western countries like USA but in the new rich countries in Asia there is a hunger for every western tradition and valentine is no exception. I saw on Fox news that some schools in the USA stopped the Valentine celebrations totally and some put in sanctions on […]

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What is

Are you seeing MICT in strange places? The last weeks I see the MICT in my browser window when I leave places like Hotmail and other normal domains. So why on earth is MICT  (Ministry of information and communication technology) doing spying in normal websites? Is it not enough that the block tens of […]

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Thailand News 2012-01-24

Re: Hello Everybody I am new here, a girl from China. 17/1/2012 20:07:48 # Facebook IPO Set thailand # Re: Facebook IPO Set 17/1/2012 20:15:58 # Red – Yellow Shirt Handshakes No Genuine Hope thailand # Natthawut Saikua Red Shirt Leader Might To Join Cabinet thailand # Tony Blair Visits […]

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