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All Thai girls lie

All Thai girls lie

Well it is not that bad but when you stayed here for a few years you mind is so set on a high level to sort out all the different lies Thai girls are feeding you. If you brain not developed that feeling yet you probably are working as a permanent ATM now or fled Thailand for better feeding grounds. This is not only based on bar girls I have loads of friends and they have dated all sorts of girls from hi to low so but sadly most foreigners meet only bar girls.

Jai Dee

Some people with good heart as the Thai girls say do not have this ability and believe or morph everything the Thai girl are telling them. That’s why it is so important for a Thai girl to find a guy with good heart “jai dee”. A bar girl can be a waitress after some month and a Go Go worked in a salon when you met.  Reality gets very flexible with a good heart guy and they are easy to brain wash. If the good hearted guy has a shy and abnormal personality the Thai girl knows she hit the jackpot. Why do you think a good looking girl would marry a old, ugly and fat Thai or foreign man?

Dating a Thai girl

The lie in the normal conversation almost kills the normal dating in Thailand because your mind is fixed on detecting lies that you don’t enjoy the date.

She might tell you that she works in a hair salon

Your brain heard that 100 times before it is a cover for working freelance in discos.

She might tell you she not have a passport or never been abroad

Not this month you mind will reply

She might tell you she does not have a boyfriend

But maybe a lover, sponsor or husband your mind might reply

She might till you she is from Bangkok

Maybe you moved there last year your mind replies.

She might tell you she has a car

And you want me to pay the lease your mind replies

She tells you she owns her own business

Well freelance bar girl is also your own business your mind replies

She tells you she slept with a foreigner

Not today your mind replies

I am a student she tells you proudly

I love to see your student uniform and then your mind probably say yea you study English at some dump your sponsor paid.

They seldom lies about if they have a baby because it will show pretty fast but if they have a baby they are probably married in their home village as well.

Small lies get bigger

But all these small voices and traps in your mind will make a date very difficult and boring and if your mouth always says what your mind thinks you will have a very short date.

Even meeting a new girl in a disco is almost impossible because you will assume that all the girls that talk to you are hookers and the once not talking to you are normal girls but when you talk to them your mind will think they are lying.

Now the problem is that western and Thai culture have different rules for lie even small lies will blow up in proportion since your defense is so on alert.

There is no real solution to this problem your mind have jaded itself against disappointments’ and only a relationship with a Thai girl that do not lie (good luck with that) for a long time will soften your defense.

Dive in and enjoy the ride

The other option is just to dive in with no expectations and just take it for what it is, like the first time you came to Thailand. The girls were all virgins and the girl in the bar were just there to see her sister and she never dated a foreigner before. Maybe just say yes I believe you to everything she says and never questing anything, give her anything she wants expect the key to your wallet and heart.

Good times good times…

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4 Responses to “All Thai girls lie”

  1. Sorry i missed the egg joke but the bacon was funny 5555+

    April 19, 2010 at 11:58
  2. daniel #

    You are one of two things to Thai women… bacon or an egg..you are either bringing home the bacon for them or just an..egg.. thats all.


    April 19, 2010 at 06:09
  3. I have totally counted out Thai girls as my partner for life. They have no forward feeling for doing stuff but just say yes to everything you say. Some guys that like chips,beer and tv might like that but i want a girlfriend that knows that last week the President of Poland died in a crash.

    April 15, 2010 at 13:36

    I definitely agree with this.

    To share my own story, I am an American presently working as a business consultant in Bangkok. I wanna find new friends, and also a potential honest Thai girl I could have as a girlfriend.

    I happened to met one on Facebook. She is pretty, but had only one picture in her Facebook account. She accepted me in her friends list immediately (well, maybe because of how I look in my photos). I thanked her and ask more about her. I asked if she has any other pictures of her (just for me to be sure she ain’t fakin’ me). I also expressed my interest of seeing her soon.

    Immediately, she replied that she “hopes to see me soon, too.” My heart was pounding. Moreso, when she also posted immediately a new set of photos, all were taken on just that same day, I think, because of her wearing the same black dress in all those new pictures. She is pretty, seductive appeal, just like those Thai girls you see in the mall marketing on microphone beauty products.

    But to my surprise, carefully looking at her new set of pictures, she was wearing a “wedding ring.” This got into me. Why would she expressed her interest in “hoping to see me soon, too” if she is married? I posted my questions on her about this on her Facebook pictures. I even asked her why she is chatting with me and other men on Facebook if she is already married (all her contacts are all men, which I can see are not her friends but new acquaintances on Facebook).

    For a couple of days, I didn’t see her replied or had any activity on her Facebook account.

    Then just yesterday, she finally replied by posting on her Facebook wall a new photo album, saying “Try to view.” And walla ! It was in reply to my questions about her “wedding ring.” She posted, not her wedding pictures, but “cartoon wedding wallpapers”, the last wallpaper includes a cartoon of a girl and boy with her name and the name of maybe her husband, which I think she edited in Photoshop to put her and her husband’s name on it. But there are no pictures of her and her husband together, or even a single picture of her husband.

    This was quite funny, and odd, for me. I tried asking myself, why would she express her interest in seeing me if she is already married? Where is her husband in her friends list? Why are there no pictures, not even one, of her husband in her Facebook account? Would a decent married woman create a Facebook account posing her pictures alone? Would a decent married woman express interest in seeing a foreigner like me? Would a decent married woman contain only men as part of her contacts or friends list on Facebook? Quite strange, but all these tell something. Some Thai women can be quite in the game of flirting with other men. This goes for those Thai women who work in offices, like this Thai woman I’m talking about. And this goes also for “married” ones. Yes, they can be flirtatious, especially with a foreigner.

    I agree with the above blog post. Some Thai women marry not for love, but for security. In turn, their longing for the partner that attracts them is being expressed in their flirtatious ways upon meeting this potential man. As stated in the above blog post, “Why do you think a good looking girl would marry an old, ugly and fat Thai or foreign man?”

    As for me, I feel pity for the husband of this married Thai woman. She has no awareness that her wife is flirting with other men online.

    To other foreigners like me, beware of the snares a Thai girl can put you into. Moreso, it’s better to be wise, and to prove to a flirting and lying Thai woman right to her face, that you are not dumb not to figure out what she is up to.

    April 15, 2010 at 02:01