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1 man from Estonia killed 2 friends injured on Walking Street Pattaya

One man from Estonia is dead murdered and his two friends is badly injured after got beaten up by 15 Thai men.

According to sources from the Thai Police they have been attacked by punters from a bar on Walking Street in Pattaya and when they did not want to go in the Thai men got angry. That escalated to a small brawl and the Estonian men went to the Thai Tourist Police and they did nothing off course.

The trio then went back to face the Thai men and they called for friends and 15 brave Thai men beat up the guys from Estonia with bottles and iron pipes.

The Thai Police had a “serious” crackdown on vendors that are selling pirated goods and show animals for money last week. How about doing a crack down on all Thai “pushers” that works for bars and Go Go places. The Thai Police are so strict with western work permits but how about as crack down on Thai tax and work permits. What are all this low life’s doing in Pattaya anyway?

Sadly like most time in Thailand it takes a death or something else to stop the bad circle and with tonight’s tragic events I guess something is going to be done for a couple of weeks.

Our thoughts go out to the victims of this tragedy

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One Response to “1 man from Estonia killed 2 friends injured on Walking Street Pattaya”

  1. I am thoroughly sick of they way foreigners are targets for crime in Thailand. You just need to look at Thai Visa and can find hundreds of unsolved cases. Where possible it is recorded as a suicide so that it doesnt look too bad for tourism. Foreign embassies are a discrace

    August 25, 2009 at 07:07